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24 October 2005 @ 12:57 am
An Opportunity to evade those dang NUNS!  
He doesn't care what that blue reploid was talking about. He didn't even care what world he's going in.

All he cares about now is trying to RUN LIKE HELL from 10 Beautiful, yet Gun-nutcase nuns, with skull images on their garbs. He just took that one opportunity, and found himself in...

A Cathedral?

"... Oh, shit. Oh Shit.... I'm not back in St. Punisher. I'm not IN St. Punisher! I'm NOT, I'm NOT, I'm so FREAKING NOT!!!"

But after much flailing and panicking, he took a closer look at the front of the hall... does not see a skull-bearing man with guns hooked on the cross.

Joe Higashi, escapee from the Church of St. Punisher, sighs a HUGE relief. Now he's just wondering how he got from one church to another's world's...

But it doesn't matter, as he gives out a big, hearty "YO-SHAAAAAAA!!!!", and the cathedral echoes that sentiment... and outside.

EDIT: (( Question: Is it possible to play a brain-hurting AU version of a video game character here? Like my Mr. Huggable M.Bison? :-) ))