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25 March 2005 @ 09:53 am
The Myriad Encyclopedia  
Note that this entry is under constant construction, and will probably be ever changing.

If you wish to add a location or a building to the district, please comment here with your addition and a blurb about it. Location blurbs should include a short physical description that is helpful to people who have not played the game and how the area is reached, as well as where the location should be placed on the map. Race, organization, and other blurbs should contain enough information to give those who haven't played the game a good idea, but should be no longer than two paragraphs.

Requests for locations and other items without blurbs will be ignored. We'll need need the assistance of the players in order to keep the database for this information, since mods here are only human - we haven't played every game out there, and we don't have time and energy to do so.

Map and Location Information.

Central District
Welcome to the central district of Myriad. This is the core of the chaotic town which you have ventured into. Out of all districts, this one is the largest and most expansive. It is also the most varied as far as residents go. Many denizens from the other districts have flooded into this one, resulting in a cast ranging from magicians to robots.

The district itself bears a striking resemblance to London. The buildings are tightly-packed and the streets are laid-out in a grid format. There are plenty of apartments in the event that you decide to make your home here. There are also shops galore, which sell everything imaginable and a few things that aren’t. Also like London, the sky is nearly always cloudy and there seems to be a perpetual damp fog. Magic and technology blend together and blur here, just like the general populace.

Perhaps the greatest attraction here is the mysterious Cathedral. The insides of this Cathedral seem to exemplify chaos itself, constantly changing and taking on different properties based upon those that venture into it, usually violent in nature. Feel free to come and go in this district as you please. Delve into the mysterious Cathedral as well, if you dare…

Classical Age District
You'll be wishing that you didn't doze through those history lessons when you come to this district. It is filled with the sights and wonders of the ancient worlds of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and a tiny little village up in the middle of Gaul that nobody really cares about. Monuments of bronze, marble, limestone, and so much more loom over you with spectacular effect. There are plenty of temples to ancient gods, not to mention tons of ceremonies and usually a festival or celebration every day. The architecture and atmosphere are stunning. There is even a coliseum where you can watch some games, or participate in them. Be sure to catch two-for-one Tuesdays in the forum markets, you never know what you might find!

Gothic District
You'll notice a lack of sunlight in the Gothic District. If it's not nighttime, it's usually cloudy and/or raining. The buildings are old, darkened stone where gargoyles loom malevolently over passers by. Twisted cathedrals dedicated to the worship of equally twisted Gods and demons are as common as churches that practice Holy works, and look much the same on the outside. In the Gothic District, the pious walk side by side with the corrupt, and you don't often know which has caught your ear until it's far too late.
Vampires roam freely during the night, as do the bounty hunters and vigilantes who hunt them. A bit of advice; carry a weapon in the Gothic District, but guard your soul more carefully than your body.

Classic Fantasy
This district steps back into Medievil times, complete with knights in armor, sorcerers, and a severe lack of plumbing. There are elves in the wood, barbarians in the hills, and dragons roaming the skies. There is treasure and adventure in plenty, but no cable television.

Feudal Japan
Step back to the days of Samurai, Shogun, and Ninja! Explore the lands, dispatching Oni and bandits alike, bringing justice to your cause one katana swipe at a time. Enjoy the hospitality of inns, the soothing waters of hot baths, and copius amounts of rice you'll have stuffed down your throat. Search hard enough, and you may earn yourself both a katana of no equal and a reputation to boot.

Magical District
There is magic in the air, literally. This District is centered around magic; practical and impractical uses, teaching, learning, and philosophical discussions. The buildings are grandiose structures that rise into the air in defiance of gravity and the laws of architecture, each more grand than the last. There is a sense of calm pomposity in the Magical District. The inhabitants include some of the greatest Magical minds of the world- and they're well aware of the fact. If you don't know magic, and don't want to learn it, what are you doing here?

Contemporary Supernatural District
A world much like our own. Suburbs, towns, and many normal people who get up in the morning, go to work, and live normal, boring, lives. They go about their business each day, happy to ignore the more inexplicable side of life. The supernatural exists in this world, but blends in with its mundane surroundings, wrapping itself in the worn denim jacket of mediocrity. This district does it's level best to pretend the others don't exist.

Utopian Future District
The future is now...literally! This district is a technological paradise, filled with everything from moving sidewalks to teleporters to, everybody's favorite, flying cars. This comes from an age where mankind lives freely in space and on other planets. An age of free energy, space fighters, and giant robots. Aliens walk the streets along with humans, some are friendly, while others are not quite so. Still, with your trusty energy sword or beam gun, you shouldn't have much to fear. There are research stations galore, along with shops where you can find all sorts of unique and fascinating items. Take some time to explore, but make certain that you don't press any big, shiny, red buttons...

Post-apocalyptic District
Life is sparse in this district. Aside from the burnt out husk of a vast metropolis that has been crumbling into dust for several years, there is only one town in the wasteland of the Post-Apocalypitc district. The inhabitants are strong, battle-hardened people who have proven their worthiness. Outside the city, there is no protection from the bandits that roam the sands or the massive beasts who prowl for the unwary. You have to be strong to survive here, and keep out of the sun as best you can.

Welcome to the land of the sands, home of elephants, scimitars, and towel wearing men. Come, find the riches that this dry, dry place has to offer, but don't expect to make 1001 nights here, due to the extremely pointy and misplaced traps. However, if you make it to the inner sanctum of the castle, you may find yourself a treasure beyond compare.

Wild West District
Journey to this nostalgic realm filled with bars, six-shooters, overly large hats, outlaws, and lots and lots of dust. The Wild Western district is rather shabby, to say the least. Its faded and peeling buildings are in sporadic clusters with plenty or empty space, dirt, and various odds and ends in between. Desperadoes carefully prowl this area, searching for the right time to rob and/or murder. But there is still plenty of fun to be had. The fabled saloons of the Wild West are always open, and there is sure to be plenty of drinks, music, rigged card games, and loose members of either sex. Step on in, partner, it's gonna be a wild ride!

Amusement district
The Amusement district of town is for fun and games. It is filled with bright and sparkly lights, plenty of rides, and many, many arcades, both antiquated and otherwise. Rides range from calm ferris wheels to gut-wrenching roller coasters, while the arcades have every sort of game known to mankind along with plenty more that aren't. There is also several casinos if you feel like giving your luck a try. A sparkling beach, several marvelous restaurants, and a few posh hotels round off the district.

Old School
Class is in session, and the topic today is surrealism. This area is full of stuff that fits nowhere else: Currency in the sky, flying rats, and the balls to pick it all up. If it's at all out of place in the normal world, or just plain weird, you'll find it here!


Central District
Myriad Square : A large square located in the very center of the central district, it's decorated with a beautiful fountain of white and grey marble in it's center. Most of the popular stores in the district are located here, helping you find the strangest and most interesting things, and the neon signs light up at night and give the square a whole new life. A lot of people has made this square their second home - if only because it's so easy to find almost anyone and anything in it's vicinity.

Cathedral : The origins of the mysterious Cathedral are unknown - this huge and beautiful building simply appeared out of nowhere, like many other places on Myriad. It's insides are even more intriguing - the incredibly complex system of rooms and corridors continues in all directions, as if someone created an endless magical maze within the building. Not only that, but this maze changes every time you visit - and you can find new rooms, traps and dangers... And sometimes, even a little reward.

Despite it's size, it's impossible to get lost within the Cathedral - there's always a new door outside somewhere nearby. Still, many rooms are sealed with bizarre mechanisms, glyphs and keys. Who knows what secrets they hold? There's not a single soul in Myriad who can claim they solved all of the Cathedral's mysteries yet.
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